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Photographers seem to always want to know what other photographers are using for gear, which is great by me and have no problem telling what I use. I like to know what others are using for what they shoot not only if it`s a great image they did, but to get a review on the gear they used. If perhaps I`m interested in getting a certain piece of equipment it helps immensly to get all the reviews I can get. I won`t get anything unless I do a thorough research on it first.

As far as cameras go I use a Canon 60D and a Canon 7D Mk II. The 7D I recently purchased and getting used to it, but so far no complaints at all. It`s fast and for wildlife that`s what I like. Lots of great features on it and if you like shooting in HDR I found that it works great. The 60D I`ve used for a couple of years now and most of the images on my website were taken with that. It`s great camera for starting out and I have had no issues with it whatsoever. It does well with video as I`ve done quite a few on it. I have yet to try video on the 7D though. I`m going to do a better review of the 7D in a later post though.

I use several different types of lenses for different subjects of course and all are Canon. What I have are the 10-18mm, 18-55mm, 50mm, 24-105mm, and the 100-400mm lenses. I did have a 70-300mm lens that I used, but no longer have. All are great and have no issues with them. I also use a Benro tripod and head. Great tripod.

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